Environmental Evaluation/Planning

Support the realisation of positive cycle between the environment, the economy and society based on cutting-edge scientific knowledge and the wealth of proven track record.

Environmental Assessment

Environmental impact assessment encompassing environmental considerations at the planning phase, preparation of survey plans, field surveys, impact assessments and mitigation plans and post-project surveys, as well as implementation of public consultations and various conferences based on our extensive experience.

Environmental assessment (Naha Airport)
Environmental assessment (Naha Airport)

Forecasting/Evaluation by numerical analysis

Environmental variation forecasting by numerical simulation of the air/aquatic environment and biology. In the area of aquatic environment, we provide high precision evaluations such as considerations into the effect of conservation measures by making full use of our own models for eutrophication models of ecosystems.

Management of the Natural Environment

Through evaluation of the natural environment in rivers/lakes, tidal flats/marshes and by estimating the appropriate habitats for the growth of animals and plants, we provide nature restoration planning and support its implementation and project evaluation for the sustainable management of the natural environment.

Economic value evaluation of the ecosystem services (Lake Kasumigaura)
Economic value evaluation of the ecosystem services (Lake Kasumigaura)

Regional Environment Management Planning

In aim to achieving a sustainable society, we provide environmental management planning and a variety of other planning concerning regional and basin environmental management such as the establishment of regional circular and ecological sphere as well as the formulation of measures, project evaluation and dissemination of environmental policies.