Distribution of Weather/Health/Living information

Support for sound living by providing essential information for everyday life

Bio-weather Service

Provision of weather forecasts that are useful for health management for private companies and general users focusing on the connection between weather and health, primarily through distribution of weather contents for disaster prevention for smartphones.

  • Provision of information to ”Life-Ranger Tenki” website
  • Operation of the “Bio-weather Service” website
  • Provision of weather forecasts, health forecasts and leisure-related information
  • Development of applications for weather and marine forecasts
  • Weather forecasts for baseball fields and event venues
  • Provision/streaming of cooking recipes based on biometeorology “Weather Recipes”
  • Provision of health risk information by monitoring indoor environment and personal health data
Mobile weather information site “Life-Ranger Tenki”
Mobile weather information site “Life-Ranger Tenki”